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Saturday, August 06, 2005


I have discovered one of the immutable truths in life: I AM AN IDIOT! Monday, I went into a classroom where we had a projector mounted, only to find it missing. I asked around and finally sent out a campus-wide e-mail asking if anyone had seen it or knew of its whereabouts. I got a few replies that led nowhere. Yesterday, a co-worker (Nathan Childs) handed me a note that explained where it went. The note was written by Here is what the second campus-wide e-mail said after I found out my blunder: "It seems I have found our culprit. Obviously, a superior mind has infiltrated our theft defenses at SWU. Someone with amazing intellect has weaseled his way in among us without alerting even the keenest insights. I took the projector in Room 106 and gave it to “The Difference” ministry team because their projector blew a bulb. HAHA! What a genius I am…I even fooled myself. Thanks to the detective work of Krista Coots and Nathan Childs, my scheme was uncovered. Sorry for any mass confusion that was caused by my previous e-mail. I feel dumb! You may all have a great laugh at my expense now." At least I can bring a little laughter into my department if not anything else.


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