It's Brady!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Schmutz versus Tree...and Tree wins!!

It's obvious that everyone is quite busy. No one is posting to their blogs. Well, I'm not gonna be that guy. I'm posting...even if I don't have anything to post about. But then again, maybe I do. I played frisbee golf for the first time on a real course yesterday. Jonathan and Chris Schmutz, Brian Young and I went out to Seneca to a new course and played a round. I beat Chris by a couple shots (don't know my exact score, but it was something like 67) and...well...Jonathan and Brian didn't quite keep up.

Top Ten Things I Learned Playing Frisbee Golf:
10) Stay on the fairway,
9) I can hammer a golf disc really well,
8) Putting is my strength,
7) Take water,
6) Jonathan Schmutz can hit a tree any time he doesn't want to,
5) My throw curves hard to the right,
4) Keep it low,
3) 555 feet is a long golf hole,
2) Briars hurt,
1) I'm pretty good at disc golf.

It was a lot of fun. If anyone wants to go sometime, let me know. I'm ready to mercilessly beat my next victims.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Foot Strokes Face

I hope you like green, cause I made most everything on my blog green. doesn't really matter what you think about my blog, cause it's my blog...SWEET! I like it, cause my favorite color is green, and like Kermit says, "it ain't easy bein green!" Anyway, I watched the most amazing martial arts movie ever last night. It's called Ong-Bak: Thai Warrior. The style is Muay Thai, or Thai Boxing. Tony Jaa is the lead actor and an incredibly awesome fighter. He moved in ways that no human should ever be able to. I can't even begin to describe the things he did in this movie, but there are no strings attached in the movie and no CG, so it's all him. One of his moves was called "foot strokes face", it was some sort of backspin kick to the face with his trailing foot. I was awestruck by his performance. That's all I can say about it. Go watch What are you waiting for?