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Thursday, August 11, 2005

New Year at SWU

And so it begins...a new year at SWU. All my friends are moving back and I have something to do every evening (work or play). It's so awesome to have great friends. I need people around me to keep me occupied. Shout-outs to all those people who have been there for me these past few years. My PO boys (Pat, Jon, Mike, Diesel and, yes even you Matt) - Love you guys like the brothers you are. The Difference - you guys rock! The apartment formerly known as "R" - Huddle is still our second home. Anyone from NC - you're cooler than other average people (NC West represent!). All my peeps from K-town. Shout-outs to some very special ladies: Nae, Brit, Christie Peed, Ashbee, Megs, Jess, Jilly, Stina, Thug. Emmy - you're the best friend I have at SWU! I love your (my) E'rbody, keep it real.


  • BRadY
    I love you dude. I don't know what I would do or where I would be without your loving man-touch. I am glad that things are getting back into the swing of things there at SWUville. I appreciate the shout out. I won't be bringing anyone down tomorrow for move-in. I am bummed but not as much as them. Love you dude, enjoy the CD a little longer.

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