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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Seen any good movies lately?

Why yes, I have...and some bad ones. I've been watching too many flicks these past few weeks. Some at my apartment, some in the university apartments, some in the new dorm, and some in Stu-Be. Howsabout a list:

1. Band of Brothers - best thing I've seen since Lord of the Rings)
2. Frailty - disturbing at times
3. Matchstick Men - Nicholas Cage's perfect role, OCD guy with ticks and Tourette's
4. A Few Good Men - GREAT! best movie for 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon
5. War of the Worlds - pretty good
6. Gattaca - sweet movie
7. Last of the Mohicans - a classic
8. Reservoir Dogs - it's Quentin Tarantino, what can I say?
9. Sky High - UNCLE, UNCLE, UNCLE!!! (only if you've seen it)
10. Saw 2 - good, but bloodier than the first
11. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - weird, but funny at some parts
12. The Life of David Gail - a movie trying to prove a liberal point
13. The Grudge - second time around
14. The Amityville Horror - ummmm, ok
15. Saints and Soldiers - Independant War film

This is an abridged list, 'cause I can't think of the other movies I've seen.


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