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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Wasted Oreos and Wax Burns

I went to WaterWheel Ice Cream with two lovely ladies today. Thank you to Emily and Jillian for a lovely time. The Asian lady that works there is so funny. "I be wi you in one moment," she says. I got the Oreo Glacier as good! The lady put so many Oreos on top of the thing that they were falling off on the floor. Gotta hate wasted Oreos. I'm open just about any evening to go over there, so if anyone gets a craving for ice cream, CALL ME! My need for "frozen joy" never subsides. You can quote me on that: "Frozen joy." Also, today was prayer walk - the official start of Spiritual Emphasis week. It's gonna be great. Of course, everyone got wax burns from the candles, but it's all cool. We're recording digitally, so it'll be available on CD or for download (one or the other, maybe both). It's gonna be sweeeeeet!


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