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Monday, December 19, 2005

Many thanks to the Dills

My family away from home. What would I do without them. Thanks Dills. I was without power on Thursday and the Dills allowed me to come over for the day to keep out of the cold. I helped with their kitchen remodel and had a good time. I put up two light fixtures and aided in the setup of their new fridge.
I was lucky in that I was only without power for about 10 hours. Most of my neighbors got their power back last night. Jason, my coworker-next-door, still has no electricity.
Duke power has restored power to over 1/2 a million people so far. Less than 200,000 are without power now. Pickens county has only 5,000 out. Duke's CEO stated that downed trees wass the mahor problem with this ice storm: five times as many trees down as compared to the last big ice storm a few years back. Duke has said that all power should be restored by 11 pm on Tuesday.


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