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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Molto Bene...Gratzi Mille!!

I stayed the weekend at Jon Ward's hizzie. Patrick dagenhart and Travis Gilbert (both married) stayed with us. What a weekend!! Too bad Mikey couldn't make it. Once Pat and Trav arrived, we quickly left for dinner. CARABBA's!!! One word: AMAZING!!! Chicken Parmesan with some pasta and lentil soup, plus that bread....mmm mmm good! I love that place. And what's even more amazing is that we walked in at 8:00 and sat down within five minutes. My food was heavenly, not to mention gone in just a few
The four of us guys had an incredible time reminiscing about "old times" in Apt. P. Those were the days. I miss those guys so much. I'm so glad that Pat and Travis had time to get away from the wives for a bit.
When the married men left the next morning, it was another sad farewell. Thank goodness Minister's Conference is coming up next week!!! Pat and Jon are coming down to SWU.
Our weekend was molto bene ("very good") and for your time in reading this, gratzi mille ("Thanks a million").


  • I love you "Don't Call Me Jon" Brady!!! There is always a bed here for you....oooooh daddy like. I will see you next week!

    By Blogger Wardster14, at 2:28 PM  

  • could it be....I believe so....da 4 "PO Boy'z" gonna be in one place at once....I believe Pepinno's my be in order

    By Blogger Michael Ray, at 5:48 PM  

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