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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Landslide Falls

Andrew and I went hiking to Jones Gap Falls, which is located just west of Jones Gap State Park. The trail was fairly easy until we got to the bridge across the Middle Saluda River. "Trail Closed" a sign warned. We crossed the bridge and continued on unaware of what we would see. Pictures of the Jones Gap landslide had done it no justice. A giant gash was carved out of the hillside as high and as low as we could see. Giant rocks and large trees were strewn about like tinkertoys in a child's room.
We proceeded to cross and continue on to Jones Gap Falls which made a right turn not far past the slide area. It was a serene place with the mixed sounds of trickling and splashing waters. A nice place to relax, shaded from both the sun and the cares of life. Check off another of the Upstate's waterfalls that I've visited.
The list is now as follows:
1. Big Bend Falls on the Chattooga River
2. Chauga Narrows on the Chauga River
3. Issaqueena Falls past Walhalla on Hwy. 28

4. King Creek Falls near Burrell's Ford on King's Creek by the Chattooga River

5. Spoonauger Falls near Burrell's Ford on Spoonauger Creek by the Chattooga River

6. Lee Falls on Tamassee Creek

7. Licklog Falls on the Chattooga River
8. Pigpen Falls on the Chattooga River
9. Lower Whitewater Falls at Lake Jocassee
10. Miuka Falls on the Winding Stairs Trail
11. Secret Falls off the Winding Stairs Trail
12. Station Cove Falls at the historic Oconee Station Site
13. Yellow Branch Falls across from Issaqueena Falls on Hwy. 28 past Walhalla

14. Falls Creek Falls on the east end of the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area and Jones Gap State Park via Hospital Rock Trail

15. Jones Gap Falls on the Jones Gap Trail
16. Raven Cliff Falls from the top via the Foothills Trail and the lookout across the valley

17. Laurel Fork Falls on Lake Jocassee
18. Twin Falls west of Table Rock
19. Carrick Creek Falls in Table Rock State Park
20. Spring Bluff Falls via Pinnacle Mountain Trail
21. Mill Creek Falls via Pinnacle Mountain Trail

22. Reedy River Falls in downtown Greenville


  • Wow. Nice work. How about Fall Creek Falls on the Reedy River in downtown Greenville?

    By Blogger Martin LaBar, at 5:44 AM  

  • If only I would have gotten to go to all of em' before I moved....only what...bout 10 left till all of em' from the book our done?

    By Blogger Michael Ray, at 5:26 PM  

  • Aubsoftball has posted a couple of nice photos of these waterfalls. Here's one of them.

    Thanks to the miracle of the new Blogger, I can no longer log in as martin labar. Sigh.

    By Anonymous Martin LaBar, at 4:29 AM  

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