It's Brady!

Friday, March 10, 2006

A Slight Mis-steak

Earlier in the week, Bruce and I decided we wanted to grill out steaks. Thursday night was our agreed evening. Wednesday afternoon after I got off of work, we headed over to Wally World and bought up all the stuff: steaks, marinade, fries, cooking utensils, and a grill. Grand total for the evening: somewhere around $80...ouch.

3.6 lbs of beef! *Droooool...*

We put the steaks in the fridge to marinate overnight and went to bed in sweet anticipation for next evening's meal. Thursday afternoon after work, I headed over and we started cooking. We very quickly encountered a problem. I closed the lid on the charcoal too soon and all the vents were closed. No more flame. I made a fast dash to the convenience store to get more charcoal and we were soon back on track. The steaks ended up being cooked to perfection.

They were quite tasty in their New York style marinade and were well-complemented with Mac'n'cheese and fries (both prepared by the wonderful Jen). Roscoe, Jen, Bruce and I shared a good home-cooked and home-grilled meal. Good food and good friends = a good time.

Steak - The Manly Man's Meal of Choice!