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Friday, March 10, 2006

A Game "Akin" to Glory

Jason Williams and I attended a Clemson b-ball game last week. This was my first experience of NCAA DI basketball action. Tigers versus GA Tech.
Akin Akingbala rose to the occasion more than once.

The Littlejohn Coliseum is proud to bring your MONSTER JAM!!! (Look at the people's faces in the

It was a close game for the first half, but the tigers pulled away at the end to win...

At one point the cameraman aimed the camera up towards Jason and I. I told Jason to wave at the camera and not the big screen in the middle, so he looked up to the network cameras and waved like an absolute idiot. One problem though, I was waving like an idiot towards the correct camera. Up on the big screen is me looking at the crowd waving my big orange paw at everyone, and Jason turned completely sideways waving at a different camera. Needless to say, it looked like I brought a complete fool to the game with me...jk...I love ya, man.


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