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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I didn't plan on a waterfall expedition this past weekend, but...

Andrew Pierce's mom came down from Kannapolis and brought a friend, Sarah, from my home church. I spent the weekend entertaining them, and Andrew thought it would be great to take them on a hike to find waterfalls. Of course, I couldn't turn down the offer. We printed out the directions and headed out towards Walhalla. A slight drizzle sent a flurry of memories flying thorugh my head. My near-death experience at Lee Falls occurred in very similar weather.

Highway 28 rolled through the sleepy town of Walhalla and traversed the hills and curves of Oconee County. Elevations soon rose and we moved farther from civilization. As our destination neared, the roads became solely lined with pines. Our turn-off road toward Burrell's Ford quickly became gravel. This road I had seen on two occassions prior was now familiar and inviting. We parked at the Chatooga Trail entrance and started down the gravel road bed.

We could have sworn that we heard Dueling Banjos being plucked in the distance.

Not far down the road, a small trail split off and beckoned us upward. The trail was fairly easy and had many photogenic cascades which groped for my attention.

As we rounded the last corner, King's Creek Falls stood only yards ahead, majestic and glorious.

We took in the view from every angle.

A bridge lended its support when we needed to cross the creek.

Our second trail started only a matter of yards from where we originally started. The only problem was we didn't know where to start. We walked around for over a half hour looking for the right trail when a couple of experienced hikers gave us perfect directions. The Chattooga River accompanied us on our left as we made our way toward the object of our longing.

Once, a couple of months prior, Spoonauger Falls had eluded me. I was determined to find the way. We walked on the easy trail for a few minutes and found Spoonauger Creek where a sign directed us toward the falls.

The trail then winded through several switchbacks and spit us out right in front of the falls.

Spoonauger Creek washes over the rippling rocks in a bubbling display.

For a time, we simply stood and enjoyed the quiet beauty, but hungry hikers aren't happy hikers. We headed back to the cars and ended our day of hiking with a sense of calm fulfillment. Another weekend adventure had come to a close, but a two-for-one deal on waterfalls made it one not soon to be forgotten.


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